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MPV Licensing Program

Interoperability & MPV Licensing

The MPV logo and trademarks can be licensed from OSTA. Companies interested in licensing the MPV logo and trademarks for use on their product or marketing material (documentation, packaging, website, etc.) must implement MPV under certain guidelines specified in the MPV Interoperability Specification (MPV-IS). The company must also self-certify their products using an OSTA-certified MPV Validation tool.

The MPV Interoperability Specification

The MPV Interoperability Specification defines guidelines for implementing MPV to ensure interoperability on consumer electronics devices with limited performance (CPU power, system memory, etc.). The MPV Interoperability Specification is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that must be implemented in products wishing to license and use the MPV logo and trademarks

The MPV Interoperability Specification can be downloaded here after reading and agreeing to a simple click-through evaluation license

Self-Certification Validation Tools

MPV-IS Validation tools for self-certification are developed, provided and supported by third-party tools vendors. To obtain the MPV Validation tools, click here. To find out how to become an approved third-party Validation Tool developer for OSTA, click here.