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Optical Storage Symposium
2007 Sept 18th & 19th

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Sept 18th & 19th - Embassy Suite
South San Francisco


Optical Storage Technology Association
“Perspectives and Prospects for Optical Storage,”
San Francisco, California.

OSTA held its annual Optical Storage Symposium (OSS) 2007 last week, Sept 18th and 19th at the Embassy Suites in S. San Francisco. Representatives from a variety of areas in the optical storage industry sat in on session panels addressing many different topics of interest. From reflections on the current optical market to the importance of photo back up, and on to high capacity storage developments with in-depth presentations on new and future recording technologies, attendees walked away with a lot of material to consider. We have posted selected panelist presentations on our OSS agenda page. Several speakers did not have formal presentations, and those have been noted. We would like to thank ousponsor Pioneer Electronics for their ongoing support of OSS.

Market Perspectives of the Data Storage Industry

Moderator:  Parker Lee, XPLANE, VP, WW Business Development, OSTA Vice-Chairman

Speakers: Charlie Andrews , IBM System Storage Tape Products, Director of Offering Marketing
Stephen Baker, NPD Group, Vice President of Industry Analysis
Jonathan Hubert, SanDisk: Director of Strategic Marketing
Stephen Manley, NetApp, Chief Architect, Data Protection and & Retention
(no presentation)

A panel of analysts and industry representatives from the optical drive, semiconductor, display, and camera markets will provide information on the current state of these industries and developments that might influence future trends.  Likely topics will incude the current state of the blue laser markets, emerging holographic technology, and alternate magnetic data storage products.

Photo Archiving- Where Have All Your Digital Photos Gone?!


Melissa Perenson, PC World Magazine, Senior Products Editor


Alexis Gerard, Future Image, CEO
(no presentation)
Tony Stieber, Hewlett-Packard Company, Business Development Manager,Digital Photography
John Christopher, DriveSavers Data Recovery, Senior Data Recovery Engineer
(no presentation)
Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO
ScanMyPhotos.com & 30 Minute Photos Etc.
(no presentation)
Greg Ayers, Yes Video, COO

Photography industry and changing the way people use and store photo images.  The quantity of photos taken has grown exponentially because of the perception that digital pictures are free.  Saving photos is no longer in a shoe box or an album, but typically on someones computer.  The HDD is the main repository for digital images, but few users understand the vulnerability of this technology and that their whole photo collection can disappear in an instant.  Photo archiving is a concept the industry needs to understand and end users need to embrace.  This panel will discuss some of the critical issues in digital photography and what alternatives are available to protect consumers photo collections.

OSTA Initiative Update

OSS Initiative Update Presentation

Speakers representing OSTA committees will talk about some of the important initiatives of their respective groups. Tony Jasionowski of Panasonic will give an update on the Optical Disc Archive Test Specification; David Bunzel of OSTA will give an update on the Photo Archiving initiative; Dick Thompson, representing Hewlett-Packard, will discuss MPV, the MPV Printer Profile, and the new relationship with the EVERPLAYstandard.

High-Capacity Optical Storage: Will blue laser or holographic storage be the solution?

Optical storage has not been able to realize its full potential in large-scale storage applications despite offering some compelling attributes.  A new chapter for optical may be opening with the commercialization of blue laser formats and holographic storage.  There are also a new wave of optical systems featuring library and RAID type options which could provide new opportunities for optical storage products.  This session will have speakers representing some of these emerging technologies discussing where optical storage can find a place in the data storage hierarchy.

Moderator: Mike Johnson, Computer Upgrade Corporation, Director of Business Development

HCO Panel Discussion (presentations)


Horst Schellong, DISC Storage LLC, President
Andy Richards, Plasmon
Graham Irving, K-Par Archiving Software,Managing Director

New Technology Roundtable:

Very "Big" Disks: the coming wave of very large scale optical recording

Moderator: Robert Zollo, president Software Architects, Inc. Chairman OSTA

Learn about the next big wave of optical recording technology that is about to impact our industry and lives. Hear from executives of technology companies about a variety of next generation optical technologies designed to deliver hundreds of gigabytes to terrabytes of data in single disk to novel compact configurations. Also find out about the next innovation of applying recordable DVD technology in a way that will impact all of us as consumers.

Moderator: Robert Zollo, president Software Architects, Inc. Chairman OSTA

Moderator: Robert Zollo, president Software Architects, Inc. chairman OSTA


Liz Murphy, InPhase
Al Dripchak, Manager,Technical Support,  Maxell  Corporation of America
Beth Erez, Mempile, VP of Marketing
Takashi Shigetomi, Intelligent Disc, President

• Optical Disc Archive Testing
• Commercial Optical Storage Archiving for critical applications
• Achieving Compatibility Across CE Devices with the EVERPLAY specification